Why choose Livall?

Livall’s lightweight Bling Cycling Helmet BH51 is equipped with LED warning lights, fall detection, and an accident SOS alert function that notifies your family if you have been in an accident. The BH51M includes the smart lighting and SOS as above plus hands free phone taking, a walkie-talkie to communicate between teammates and quality stereo music. In addition, the aerodynamic smart helmet has 24 vents for great air flow and a precise tension adjusting system that secures to different head sizes both safely and comfortably.  Livall was the first brand to announce and apply turn signals and accident SOS alert. These innovations were made two to three years before any other brand, giving Livall the opportunity to refine and improve these features faster than anyone else.


As the world’s first smart and safe cycling helmet brand, Livall has been dedicated to smart sports equipment since 2014 and is specialised in the development of smart helmets and smart accessories. Livall focusses on product innovation and riding experience and has been granted over 30 awards and medals around the world. Livall owns more than 170 patents.


Additional Information

The BH51 is perfect for use on a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates or electric scooter. Check out the BH51M here: